Monday, 30 June 2014

My Week In Instagram Pictures - Week 26

Wedding DIY (just over 5 weeks to go!) // 100,000 page views! Wowzers! // Dream combo for my long, naturally curly hair // Advice that I must listen to! 

What have you been up to this week?

Rachel x

Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Body Shop Pulse Birthday Blogger Event

Last month, I was invited to The Body Shop in Preston to celebrate their first anniversary as a Pulse Store. The event was organised by the lovely Rachelle who also owns a blog (

Just before the event was due to start, St Georges (the shopping centre that houses The Body Shop) had a massive power cut. Rachelle was panicking and trying to think of a plan B as some bloggers had already started to make their way to Preston. Luckily, about five minutes before the event was due to start, the power came back on. Phew!

I met up with some lovely bloggers and headed to the store. On arrival, we were greeted by Rachelle and shown to the refreshments. Rachelle had made a smoothie which was delicious! We were also given a few sample pots so we could try some products out at home. 

Recently, I have become obsessed with The Body Shop so I had created quite the shopping list before the event! Luckily for me, and my bank account, we were offered 40% off any purchases we made on the day. I will save my purchases for another blog post as I have had a chance to try the products so I can share my first impressions. 

Once we had finished playing with the products and spending a small fortune, we headed over to The Mystery Tea House which is a really cool cafe hidden behind the shops. I ordered a pot of tea called Bora Bora which was delicious! If you're ever in Preston, I definitely recommend The Mystery Tea House and Bora Bora tea.

I had a lovely day in Preston and the weather was gorgeous. Thank you to Rachelle for organising a successful day.

Rachel x

Sunday, 22 June 2014

My Week In Instagram Pictures - Week 25

Happy World Giraffe Day // Delicious Strawberry & Mango herbal tea // Strawberries, Raspberries and Ice Cream - perfect in the sunshine // Lovely bloggers at the essence event in Manchester

Had my nails done at the essence event - their nail polishes are amazing and only cost £1.59! // Pinterest will be proud of these cute paper straws! // Amazing nail polish stand at the pop up essence shop in Manchester Arndale // My fancy name badge from the event

What have you been up to this week?

Rachel x

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Week In Instagram Pictures - Week 24

Sangria at La Tasca with my mum // Tapas at La Tasca // Beautiful Peonies - I'm having these in my wedding bouquet :) // Hayfever is a bitch and this is a lifesaver! 

Come on England! // My new, beautiful giraffe tshirt // Delicious home made paella for Father's Day // 7 weeks until I'll be in Mexico for my honeymoon!! 

What have you been up to this week?

Rachel x

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

My Week In Instagram Pictures - Week 23

Date night at Nando's // Yummy Nando's // Ice Cream from Fredericks // More Ice Cream

Me and Nafisah at the South Beach event last week // My gorgeous nephew (you have to go on my Instagram lostinlipstick and listen to him sing!) // Obsessed with Orange Is The New Black // Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough!!

What have you been up to this week?

Rachel x

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Engagement Photoshoot

Recently, Rory and I met up with our wedding photographer for our engagement photoshoot. It felt strange having it two years after we actually got engaged but the purpose of the shoot was to get to know our photographer and for her to get to know us. An engagement photoshoot is a great idea as it made us feel relaxed in front of the camera and our photographer. We would definitely recommend it if you get the opportunity. 

I thought it would be lovely to share some of my favourite images from the day (Rory gave his permission too!) We headed over to Worsley canal, which is close to where we live. We got some great pictures by the canal and in front of the Packet House. Then we headed to Buile Hill Park as I really wanted to include some pink blossom on the images and Karen, our photographer, knew there were lots there. 

We're over the moon with the images. Karen sent us a USB with 100 images on. I struggled narrowing it down to these few as I honestly love them all. I'm going to print them all out so I can put them in a beautiful photo album and frame some around our house. They would also make great gifts for family members (without being big headed!)

I hope you enjoy a snippet into our photoshoot. Let me know what you think.

Rachel x

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

TGI Friday's Burger Blind Date

At the end of April, an exciting email landed in my inbox. The subject - 'Hot burger in Manchester seeks love interest' and the sender - TGI Friday's. I am a massive fan of TGI's so this made me extremely excited. After reading the email (see above) I was as giddy as a child on Christmas morning!

The event was held on Wednesday 7th May at 6pm. I was able to invite a +1 so I dragged Rory along, although he didn't need much persuading! The event didn't get off to a great start for us. Rory got stuck in traffic on his way over from work and didn't arrive until just before 7pm. Luckily for me, TGI Friday's employ super friendly and helpful staff so I was able to wait inside away from the horrendous rain. However I did feel like I had been stood up and I didn't appreciate the man perving on me!

Once Rory had arrived, we headed upstairs and were greeted by some lovely members of staff. We were shown to the bar where we ordered a cocktail while we were waiting for our table. I chose a gorgeous cocktail which was based on raspberries and Rory opted for a passion fruit orientated cocktail. Both were delicious. 

Once our table was ready, we were taken to our seats and the process of 'Burger Blind Date' was explained. We were shown the menu which was a round up of eight burgers however we weren't told the burger names and the ingredients weren't listed. Instead we were given the personality traits of the burgers. From those we had to choose which contestant we would like to date. The waiter also took our order for our second round of drinks. This time, I opted for my current favourite cocktail - Strawberry Daiquiri and Rory went for Minty Apple. Again both were delicious.

Within fifteen minutes, our dates had arrived. I decided on Contestant #4 which is BBQ Pulled Pork on the regular menu. It consists of a 7oz burger topped with BBQ pulled pork, pickled red onion, Colby cheese, Friday's mayo and smothered in Mesquite and Hickory BBQ sauce. It was delicious, love at first taste! I opted for sweet potato fries on the side which I have been craving ever since! Rory chose Contestant #3 which is known as The Monster 2.0 on the menu! It consists of two 7oz burgers, piled high with Sam Adams beer cheese sauce, crispy bacon, caramelised onions and Friday's mayo. Contestant #3 had curves to be envious of and left Rory satisfied. A second date is on the cards. 

A photographer was present to capture our #burgerface which was so much fun. We also got to take a framed copy home which is a perfect souvenir. Ours are currently on the mantleplace and everyone has a good laugh when they come round! Ron was also on hand to entertain us with his close-up card tricks. I've met Ron three times now and I'm always left amazed. 

Rory and I had a fabulous evening. The staff were friendly and attentive. The food and cocktails were delicious. Staff are very knowledgeable about the food and drinks and are able to create custom cocktails if you tell them what you like and dislike. I highly recommend TGI Friday's to everyone. 

Thank you TGI Friday's for inviting us to such a memorable evening. 

Rachel x
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